"Pleasant View"

100 Powderly's Rd, Young NSW

0409 156 464

Kate Sevier B.S.c [Gen] Sydney



  • Tested negative for OJD since 2003
  • Brucellosis accred free for over 30 years


  • We value our clients and care about our rams
  • We encourage ongoing feedback

Gromark Genetics is a closed flock. In OJD Sheep MAP from 2003 to 2011 with MN2V status. 
We still comply and continue to test negative but not in the MAP due to cost.

Our flock recently had the Faecal 350 test for OJD which was negative.

Rams only introduced from studs in Sheep MAP for OJD with low WEC ASBV’s.

  • We have been continuously Brucellosis accredited free for over 30 years CW9416 Exp 30/06/2021. All rams checked by our vet Mark Hawker.
  • We monitor worms regularly and test worm egg counts before drenching.

All lambs vaccinated with Gudair at marking since 2004 before 6 weeks old. We also vaccinate with Scabigard, Eryvac and Glanvac 6B12 at marking and weaning with a regular vaccination program.

Our sheep have very low susceptibility to flystrike. We use no chemical prevention – we only crutch our sheep and have never mulesed them.

We have never had lice or footrot and do not trade sheep.

Our sheep are independently classed for structure conformation, soundness and wool quality by Neville Mangelsdorf. 

We supply LPV NVD’s and National Animal Health Statement.

Independently audited on farm for quality assurance: LPA accredited 1068921.
We supply LPA NVD’s and National Animal Health Statement.