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Kate Sevier B.S.c [Gen] Sydney

To all our valued customers:

We have now sold all our rams, so there are none available for purchase.

We have also sold our 2019 wether lambs to our local butcher to process through Gary's Gourmet meats in Young NSW.
We appreciate your support over the years and our focus on using Lambplan ASBVs as an important selection tool for ram purchases to suit your on farm enterprise. We are still able to offer current breeding values of any rams purchased in the past to help with your joining decisions, however we will be on leave until the end of November 2019.


  • Tested negative for OJD since 2003
  • Brucellosis accred free for over 30 years

Rams for productivity and versatiliy on farm

  • Over Merinos to breed high performing prime lamb dams, good wool
  • Low BWT ASBV’s as terminals for easy lambing out of Merino ewes
  • Trait leaders for EMD & fertility, good early growth & lamb survival
  • Ideal for self replacing efficient maternal prime lamb enterprise

"Thank ewe"

The important part of the prime lamb team

We use Gromark Genetics rams as sires because of their flexibility for joining Merino ewes, or over maternal self-replacing ewes.

We like the fact that they are not seasonal breeders as we join twice a year.
We purchase rams with Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV’s) for traits such as growth, eye muscle and fertility to give the best carcase results.
When we use Gromark Genetics rams over Merino ewes, the meaty wether goes to the shop. We keep the female from that cross as a superior prime lamb dam which also has a good white crimped wool.
Other Gromark Genetics rams go over those ewes and all their lambs go to the shop. There is a noticeable increase in the size of the “eye muscle” by using Gromark Genetic rams which is beneficial for our most expensive lamb cuts.
Kyeran Steenbergen
Gary’s Gourmet Meats, Young